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Hello, on my website I have an ajax script, which must work if I sroll down to show more new cards but i isn’t. However on local server it worked. I’m using OpenServer.

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Help please :slight_smile:

Is there any Console errors? If so, please share them.

Увы нет никакой ошибки. Если бы она была , сам бы решил проблему. На локальном работает, а на хосте нет ((

Please post in English

Alas, there is no mistake. If it were, I would solve the problem myself. It works on the local, but not on the host ((

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If I check the URL directly, I get an empty JSON response: http://paradisetravel.ml/php_func/offers_on_load.php?num=4&sorting=ID_offer%20ASC

Taking a quick look at the script in question, it’s very easy to see why it doesn’t work. It’s supposed to load data from a database, but the database settings are hardcoded to what are likely your local settings, which won’t work here. Can you please make sure that script uses the right database credentials?


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