Ajax and php scripts

Are we allowed to use any ajax scripts? I would like to have an auto update feature that loads comments on pages as people submit them without having to refresh. Or is ajax completely out of the picture on this webhost?

AJAX scripts are completely allowed from the same subdomain / domain you’re in, not from anywhere else.

Then why did they block my chat i built from scratch?

Because chat scripts are forbidden on free hosting.

What exactly is being blocked in the chat script? Bc I’m wanting live update of comments on my page

totally it’s against the IF rule. I think it’s because for its high traffic for the server.

You can choose another host if you need to have chatroom on your site :grinning:

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Your host is fine and I can go without chat. No biggie. Atm the moment im just trying to iron everything out and get my users aware that the site is live. Later on once im able ill host the site from home on a private server.

any idea on what the max limit on post_max_size is? I am having issues with posting a paragraph of text.

post_max_size Local Value is 20 MBs, while Master Value is 22 MBs.

so should easily handle 65535 characters.but no go here.

it should handle this :confused:

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