Aireal image for webmap can´t be loaded

I created a webmap with qgis and wanted to make it free accessable via the following Link:

Everything works perfect except the aireal image. From qgis i exported the folder for the webmap and in the forlder “layers” there is the image “Orthofoto2015_0.png”. For any reasons the “Orthofoto2015_0.png”-file can´t be uploaded into my thdocs/layers-folder. I click “upload”, choose the file and the bar shows that the image is loading but when it finished, the file isn´t in the folder. Can anyone tell me why the image can´t be uploaded? The image has 11.459 KB. Is there a restriction in the image-size? What can I do?

Thank you, Fridolin

Hello there,

Yes there is a file size limit of 10 mb but this shouldn’t apply to you if your image does not exceed the 10 mb limit.

I don’t know the exact answer why this would happen but it might be worth it to check this Knowledge Base article out:


Thank you very much! The image with 11 MB was to big. I compressed it and now i can upload it. On my Laptop the webmap is now perfect. But unfortunatelly i can not see anything on my smartphone anymore. Do you know why? Without the aireal image i could see everything else but now i can´t see anything.

Try clearing your browser cache

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