Airbit Infinitystore - Themes available somewhere?

Airbit offers Platinum Producers the opportunity to create a Beatstore called “Infinitystore”. It’s very easy to set up and looks great. Here is an example of such a beatstore:

There are options to embed that website on your own domain - but that’s not what I’m looking for, because I’d still be depending on Airbit for my own website (and would need to pay them). Since I have zero experience with setting up websites and just getting my domain up and running with SSL took me a whole day, I would really like to know if someone knew where one could get a plugin/program (something like wordpress) that works as simple and has a theme that looks like the Infinitystore-option that Airbit provides.

Not 100% certain “Hosting Support” is the right category. I was wondering wether to put this in “informal” or “hosting support”. Go easy on me, this is all far out of my comfort-zone.

Thank you in advance! All and any constructive input is welcome!


So just to clarify things here a bit, you are looking for alternative software to the Airbit Infinitystore that can run on free hosting.



Hello, thanks for the welcome!

ideally I am looking to get the same software that was used for the Airbit Infinitystore (the layout and the name of the “Infinitystore” seemed to imply to me, that this was done in cooperation with Infinity(free). I thought maybe someone would recognize the plugin, software or even theme that was used).

But if that is not available, I am looking for something similar in terms of functionality, simplicity and customizability. So yes, if this software or theme is not known, I’m looking for alternatives. I really like the look of it. It’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing (to me).

I’ll try to add a screenshot to show you why I thought “infinityfree” might be the place to ask about that:

No, InfinityFree is not related to InfinityStore.

Just based off the link you shared above, a CMS or CMS plugin does not immediately come to mind, but I have also not used WordPress in quite a number of years.

Somebody else is probably better suited to help you, I really only custom code things (Which may be a bit hard and time consuming with this project since you would need a payment system).


Yes, the simple-looking site does a lot and I just know that if I had to try to learn to “code” (copy and paste the code I find online) something similar it would be very ineffective, while paying someone for a custom code would probably be outside of my budget and require a certain trust that I don’t necessarily have towards strangers (not being an IT guy I’m rather scared of the possibilities).

That’s why I’m looking for a software that “takes me by the hand” it’s okay if the software costs something as a one-time investment too (but more than 100-200 Bucks would not be worth it at this point). However, ideally it would be free software. I don’t know how realistic my aim is. Imagine your granddad looking at building a website for the first time.

Thanks for your interest and investigation! Have a beautiful day

Unfortunately, a lot of good software you find being used by companies online is not available to the world. Existing software can get the basics going quickly but are hard to extend upon, integrate into an existing platform and really customize to your liking, so a lot of companies build their own software from scratch, as that is often the most effective way to provide a service in exactly the way you want it.

And if you’re building it in house, why would you share it? You’re helping competitors copy your product, and your customers get it elsewhere. You’ve put a lot of effort into making it and people pay someone else to use it.

I don’t know of any software that does this. That store system seems to be intended for music stores, which is a very specific niche. And I guess most artists are happy to pay Airbit, Bandcamp or Apple Music to take care of the commerce so they can focus on just making music. The few times I bought a song (instead of streaming it), it was handled by such a platform. Which also gave me the peace of mind that distribution worked properly.

Maybe you can find software that does this, but it may be hard to find.

A quick Google search showed this free WordPress plugin as the first result. I have no idea how well it actually works, but WordPress is by far the most popular software hosted here, so you can try it for free on our hosting and play around with it!



yes, that seems to be the case. For now I have settled with letting my main-domain point to “my” infinitystore (the store costs ~ 8 € a month), but I will still try to get something independent set-up on one of my other domains (.net and .de). Ultimately not depending on another internetsite is very valuable and most made producers are.

That’s not just concerning the beatstores, it’s also about social-media. Building an own e-mail-list of clients that you can reach even when a site fades out (myspace) or bans you for whatever TOS reason (facebook comes to mind as a likely candidate) is still a thing in 2023 and I figure it always will be. What if Airbit sells? What if they no longer offer the InfinityStore? That’s where I’m coming from.

But I am not ignorant. The two days I’ve spent with this and comments such as your own have clearly taught me, that this “simple beat-store” is not something I am likely to be able to compete with anytime soon. It is, as you’ve pointed out and explained in a very comprehensible manner: a very specialized and optimized website and they don’t give away their unique selling points.

However there is one little insight I can give you too: Producers do not spend most of their time making music (well most don’t). There is a lot of networking and marketing involved. So let’s say 40% making music, 30% marketing, 30% networking (the percentages will vary of course). That’s at least true for small-time producers - once you pay people, you have more time for the music but not many producers can.

Thank your for your insight, explaination and the link you shared. I will now click it and try it out later or tomorrow. I’ve found a couple of beatstore-building-themes for WordPress, alas they are usually for sale too (~60-100 €) and not as good as the InfinityStore (in my perception).

Have a good evening! And thanks again. This seems to be a very kind and constructive forum.


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