Aghhh, Account suspended, abuse, why?

Hey, I know this is free and all but I kind of hoped I could set up a really basic page. I had the remnants of an old site and tried to copy over using the file manager. This only copied some stuff. I tried again a few times. Kept on getting auth failure. Maybe that is what got me suspended - hardly abuse if the file manager does not work. I dunno, only had the account for a couple of hours. Close to giving up on this one as a duff deal. I raised a ticket but don’t give out much hope. How long to tickets take to be addressed if ever?


Well, in the short term I will install a webserver at home and point my A records to that until I see what is going on. I run a server 24/7ish but I hardly want to host from home long term.

If your account is suspended — there’s all the information in your client area, I can’t really understand what’s your current question, your topic a little bit confused me