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Hello there!
After transferring from free domain to my own domain name my website has started working slowly, even sometimes it doesn’t work. Do you have any suggestions to fix this issue?

Hello there,

What do you mean “sometimes it doesn’t work” exactly? An error page? A white page? Or just nothingness?

Your site could be slow because of the current issue but it shouldn’t really affect the speed of your site that much, it could be also because your site is poorly optimized, you can use some WP plugins designed to optimize your site and make it a little bit faster.

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My friend and I have same projects based on this script and his website also hosted here on infitityfree but for his website taken domain is free domain, mine is set up to my personal domain(premium) . My website is working slowly, his website is working as usual. There are any changes with his website, but my website has started working slowly after I transferred my domain to premium domain.

It might be show up an error page, it can load very slow.

I’m sorry but I didn’t really understood what you meant but I’m assuming that you are using a premium domain name for your website but it loads slowly and your friend uses a free domain name but his site loads faster than yours even though you two are using the same script?

Could you provide us your domain and your friend’s domain so we can have a comparison that verifies that your site is slower than his?

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