After Migrate website some images not showing?

Username epiz_32016740 or Website URL

After migrate my website some images are not show up? I have checked htdocs upload folder the images permission are all set to 644 is this the issue? or I will try anything else?

Any suggetion save a day.

You did the migration but you did not update the links

If you just import the database without changing your url, this is the expected result


@KangJL Yes, I agree to you that he/she does not update the links. Using Chrome for Android, try opening the “broken images” in new tab (Open Image in New tab) and it redirects to a suspended and to

Another observation that some pictures are okay. I guess he imported all the database and files but does not changed the source code to link to the new website.

@Ontrack The solution is to just update the source code for the correct links.

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It’s in the database


@KangJL I do believe that just updating the links is not the easiest way to do it (atleast manually) as the website uses wordpress.

@Ontrack But if you can you can simply edit the source code of the files (or other methods that I don’t know). Its hard to do because it runs using wordpress.

Got it and I am working on this.

The best and easiest way to do this is open the database, lol for the configuration table, and change the site URL. You cannot go though the code files, because that is just not how WordPress is setup.


Yes facing difficulty finding that code, I search database where will configuration table located and in which name by my search there is no table with name configuration?

You may also go in WP dashbaord. Search under Theme header/footer section…

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Still No Luck, it’s like a pin in desert to find.

These links not much important to site so I have manged to remove it. Thanks all of you for the help.


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