After activating plugin Unable to get to Dashboard

Username epiz_33137287 (Website for

I was trying to configure the newly created website (created yesterday) by adding a few basic plugin and very basic customization to start with.

In the process I installed a plugin from Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics – WordPress plugin | . But the moment I clicked “Activate” button for this newly installed plugin the site showed me 404 page. Since then whatever admin action I try, even try to see the “Dashboard” or Add new page or try to edit existing page, it always shows the “404 not found page” … even though the existing pages are visible on site without any issue.

Please advise

Thanking you in anticipation and eagerly waiting for your help and guidance

Login to FTP and locate the plugins folder. Delete the plugin from there.


Thanks Greenreader9 … as this question was awaiting approval from the moderator so in the mean time I just renamed the plugin folder temporarily as I suspected something similar and just refreshed the site page in browser and it worked.

Thanks for your time and answer

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Glad you got it working!

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