After 72 hours cant access website through wifi, only 4G


So i got me a custom domain (, got me a InfinityFree account (epiz_32905263) and waited for my site too get online. After 72 hours de domain is checked green in the DNS checker, i can acces the unfinishedwebsite through my phone with 4G but when i want too use wifi i alwaays get the message “this site is not available”.

I can’t find how too fix this? do i just have too wait a bit longer?

Thanks for the help!

Try rebooting your router and flushing your computers dns cache.

Rebooting the router is as easy as disconnecting the power cable and plugging it back in.
You’ll have to Google how to flush your computer’s dns cache, as it is operating system specific.


Thanks for the reply but i tried this multiple times already but cant seem too get it too work.

If 4G works but wifi doesn’t, wifi is definitely the issue


Usually, further down the page, you should see an error code that usually starts with ERR_ or ERROR_. Could you please share that code, it may give us a bit more insight as to why the site is not available for you.


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