Affiliate program

Hi @Admin,

Is it possible that our premium host can offer us a free upgrade based on referral or affiliation?

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Hello @mauwiks.

Sorry, but currently we are not offering referral programs. There is a chance that in future we may do something like this, but I cannot promise you so.

Anyways it is kind of cheap price for Premium hosting and I can tell you by my own experience, I use XVHost to host my websites, IT’S JUST GREAT!

I am serious. The limits are not so big like in Free hosting. IMAP and SMTP servers are supported. You can create unlimited count of sub-domains like Then there also is Advanced DNS zone editor. There are WAY more modules for E-Mail services.

More things are allowed than on free hosting. You can also configure PHP settings alot more than you can on InfinityFree, by simply using .htaccess files.

In my opinion websites load faster and Premium hosting just gives you that good feeling that your website is not the only thing that looks good, but that your hosting looks good and performs good too.

There are many more features like MIME types and others. You can also easily install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate with one button click which will encrypt your log-in info and other information between transfer from client to server, which means someone on same WiFi or Internet network will not be able to see information about anything that you do on your website.

Enjoy the choice,


We want to add an affiliate program eventually, however it’s not a high priority feature for us right now.