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I am new here. I would like to migrate my existing site here. Does anyone know of a crawler, or software, to search and replace the outdated links to point to Infinityfree ?

To fix the links, open the files in a IDE like Sublime and do CTRL+F for the old URL and replace it with the new one. Some programs let you find and replace across all open files.


all the links point to suspended site so I dont think its going to work


Seems working now

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maybe im misunderstanding something here, do you have a full local backup copy of your site ? if not then you’ll have to request a backup from your original hosting company

if you’re unable to get a backup then you may be able to recover most of your site from using this link

currently all the side menu links point to your old suspended website


If I understand it correctly, the files have already been migrated, however they still contain a lot of references to the old domain name.

If so, you don’t need a crawler or special software. All you need to do is a basic text search+replace feature to replace all instances of the old domain with your new domain.

There are a lot of tools that can do this, but I would suggest to start looking at the tool you already use to build your website. Most code editor tools have the ability to search and replace across multiple files, or even the entire project.

Visual Studio Code from Microsoft is a powerful, free option to write code, and can easily search and replace text across your entire site.


LOL…Never thought of that. Of course, I was looking for the lazy man’s automated batch solution to change the hundreds of documents. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But, I will use Dreamweaver to do this. Thanks very much.

No problem. I have two, or even three, backups of the entire site. Thank you.

I’m sorry about misunderstanding your situation earlier, one word in your original post ‘crawler’ threw me off the tracks

That was my fault and I do apologize

If you’re using linux then you could install rpl

sudo apt install rpl

Then this command within the project directory to recursively replace all occurrences of oldUrl with newUrl in all files with a .html extension

rpl -R -v oldUrl newUrl ‘*.html’

If you’re using windows then I would recommend installing notepad++ text editor as it includes a search and replace option for files in a directory


No worries. Wow! What a coincidence - I have always used Notepad++. Of course, both Dreamweaver and Word also have this feature. Thanks again.

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Okay, here are two questions.

I am not sure what I replace the old URL with.

For example, my old ORL was: and I could have a file, for eg. favicon.png in the root and I could access it with Account Suspended.

What needs to be replaced with what here?

replace with

don’t bother with slashes or anything else, just that will do it and everything else should automatically fall into place perfectly as long as your files and directories have the same names as the original site

btw love the pink floyd avatar :+1:


Thank you. Yes, I can take it from here. I built this site back in 1997 when there were not too many designing software. Never had to move until now.

Thanks. One of my ringtones is “Money”. A true masterpiece.

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