Advertising question

So basicly am I able to put ads on my site?
If yes: how to do it
If no: how to advertise my site not to (if not possible the bruh

You can use services like Google AdSense to put ads onto your website.


If you’re going to use Google AdSense, you might want to check this article out for the eligibility criteria for AdSense, then after you’re sure your site meets the criteria, you can sign up for Google AdSense, put the ads code inside the head tag of the pages you want to get ads on and wait until you’re approved. This might also depend on which ad provider you’re going to use for your website.


I’ve no clue why would you add advertisements. Putting Advertisment is about to earn money as far as i know.

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You are allowed to. InfinityFree says that you are free to put ads if you want and that they won’t add ads to your site.

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