Hi @Admin … i remember once in GH forum you mentioned that you guys use adsense, so i wanted to that when you get the adsense application on google accepted, can you use the same account on various sites?
I cant seem to get this answered on other places so i thought u would know, like do u guys use the same adsense account on infinity that u used on GH or is it new?

@thedude Yes. This is correct. We use AdSense for advertisements on GrendelHosting and InfinityFree. It’s usually simple to get your application accepted. Make sure to first verify your website with google webmaster tools and keep the verification file in your website root direction while your adsense application is being reviewed. AdSense doesn’t accept sites with pornographic content or gambling/gaming content. If your site is a blog, or just a hobby site or company site then you should get accepted. Make sure that your site is somehow tidy. No weird HTML or style glitches. Basic things finished. Like no title on your site: Untitled. In reality it doesn’t really matter, cause they will accept you in most of the cases. Maybe try to put few articles or pages with some text on your site before you get accepted so your site is not blank. And once you get accepted you can place your ad codes on any site that you own.

I hope this clears something out! :slight_smile:

@bbot22 oh alright thanks for clarifying… btw was active after long time, just saw u became moderator, congrats bro :smiley: