Admins should increase inodes limit to atleast 100000

I open an account and got 5GB, and 3000 inodes, my WordPress is just 300MBs.

I opened filezila to put my files, just few mins , inodes limit is hit 5000/3000 I can’t add files,my site is not yet full on server, am stack

You better give 500MBs with bigger inode limit instead of 5GB with small inode limit, the rest of space becomes useless, now what if it was node app?? Imagine even 50MB node app can hit inodes limit before it’s fully on server.

And don’t reply telling to upgrade…just keep mum with your upgrades, if I hit disk limit I willingly upgrade but not inodes limit

Not going to happen. Please delete files.


Its 30k in nodes not 3k…
Lot of IF users install WP without any issues and if issue present then also its hits sources only not nodes…!
Before expecting huge resource just think about the free hostings features !

Let us clear first its 3k or 30k u hits?!



If you have a WordPress installation that requires over 30,000 files, it’s probably not going to run well on free hosting at all.

The inode limit is set to where it is specificity, as genuine websites (like yours) that go over it are probably not suited for free hosting in the first place.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the server space to store a hundred thousand files per user, especially since you are not paying for the space. Upgrading to premium will not only get you more inode, but also more server power.


30,000 inodes, not 3000. 3000 is too low for even an off the shelf WordPress installation. 30k should be plenty for most small to medium sized websites.

I’m actually curious how you managed to get a WordPress site to 30k inodes. Where does that inode usage come from? Plugins which package many dependencies? A large media library? Just a bunch of temporary files that failed to get cleaned up before (like for caching)?

If it was a Node app, you wouldn’t want to upload it here anyways because we don’t provide Node.js hosting. And if you only need it to build your frontend, you only need to upload the generated files, not the hundreds of megabytes of source code needed to produce it.

Also, just noticed the title.

Having one million inodes is a ridiculously high number. Most premium hosting limits inode usage at a few hundred thousand. So free hosting getting 1M+ inodes is never going to happen, and if you have a website that needs 1 million inodes, you’re doing something wrong.

The first thing to note is that inodes aren’t something we conjured up to bully you. Linux file systems have a limited number of inodes. I checked a few different Linux systems I have access to and the consensus seems to be to have 64k inodes per GB of storage. Mapping that to the 5 GB disk usage, that would make 300k a reasonable limit for inodes and give everyone a fair share. Anything more than that would be dumb and irresponsible because we’d be artificially limiting your disk limits in GB.

But most hosting providers crank that ratio down because having a large number of inodes has some nasty side effects on system performance and maintainability.

So to summarize, having such a large number of inodes is very unusual and I’m pretty sure that there are a few sensible improvements that can be done to dramatically reduce your inode usage with minimum impact to the functionality of your site. Just cranking up the inode limits to ridiculous number is not a solution.


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