Admin Please Read This

Admin, i want to make social media platform with WoWonder named PHP script on CodeCanyon but when i start the uploading script files via FileZilla i see the connections errors. Why i can’t upload many files?

WoWonder price: $125.00 to $399.00
So you have bought it?

Oh no! If i have enough money to bought it, i buy premium hostinf from ifastnet

Then I’m going to remind you that we do not allow hosting nulled softwares.


Oh okay! I’m sorry. re you suspend my account? Please don’t suspend, i will not upload again!

then remove it.


No. I can’t complete the uploading files, i open this topic for this.

If the software is nulled than FTP preventing you from uploading it isn’t actually a problem.


We don’t allow nulled software. Remove any files part of that software from your account right now. We’re not going to help you do something which we all know is not allowed.


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