Admin please help.

Hello i created my website on wordpress and now when i try to go on my site it says Your account is all set up, it's time to build your website! I deleted index2.html file now i see my files on website,what should i do to fix this problem? Please help, thanks.


If you want your users to access your site at
(call WordPress with the domain name) you will have to leave the In Directory field blank on the Softaculous/WordPress install form, then WordPress will be installed on the root of your domain ( htdocs ).

is currently in the subfolder /wp/

you also have a redirection loop 301 here
check settings/files and also cloudflare as well ( purge cache there, etc.)

I will check it out.

The easiest way is (if you do not have a lot of content)
to simply reinstall wordpress but this time left blank In Directory field (softaculous)
then purge the cache from CF

I tried that,i reinstalled wordpress and now when i type it goes to this site

and i also changed account on ifinity website

i wanted to create everything from scratch again and this problem showes up

@Dirige said:
i wanted to create everything from scratch again and this problem showes up

If you moved the domain to another hosting account, then your domain name will likely have been moved to another IP address well. You don’t need to configure anything yourself (if you’re using our nameservers), but it can take a day or two for the site to start working again everywhere.

on my side is doing fine
@Dirige you will also have to wait (for the same reason) when you add your page to the cloudflare

Ok i will wait.Thank you so much for helping!

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