Admin please HELP! cannot upload images, plugins and themes

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I am not able to upload any files to my website nor i’m able to install any plugins in my wordpress editor. Whenever i try to upload any file (say an image) it shows " failed to write file to disk! tried changing/resetting folder permissions (755) and file permission (644) with my FTP client but the issue temporary dissappears and then again after sometime the same problem occurs! cannot go on resetting file and folder permission everytime as it is time consuming ( there should be other solution) please help !!!


I’m using this software: wordpress ( that i installed from your CPANEL)

Additional information: Experiencing this problem from last 2 days

Is still this a problem? In a similar topic, you left a reply indicating the problem was fixed?

yes but the problem is recurring .Every time i have to change the file permission. why was that. I mean it should be fixed in the first place!!

I’m sorry, but which file permissions need to be changed again? They all look fine now.

I don’t know how this issue could be recurring. Does WordPress create files with the wrong permissions? Do you have any plugins which interact with file uploads which could be causing this?

If this is a recurring issue, I would like to know why as well, but so far, I see nothing indicating that this is a hosting issue.

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