Admin needs to do a face reveal

You can’t run this huge business with 10k people and not at least show who you are lol.
Let’s encourage him :smiley:

I am not going to encourage it.

Privacy is important.

However, someone smart enough, and dedicated enough, can follow the digital online trails left by admin to find a video that clearly displays his face.

Anyone can do this for just about any person on the world, you just have to know where to look.

And I don’t know about you, but I personally find it rude to ask for something personal when you don’t have a personal or business connection to a person.

However, if Admin does want to display a photo of himself, he can do so, after all, it is his face.


Well I’m sorry Mr. Mod for asking for a man’s face.
People ask me every day in my streams for a face reveal. No big deal.

If you want I can just delete this post if it’s “rude.” Your platform, your rules.

A community support form tends to be a bit more formal than a live stream. (Just ignore the 10,000 users topic).

No, it’s fine. If I had a true problem with it I would have already removed it.

And the “asking for that information is rude” is just my own opinion, the opinions if others may differ.


Admin’s anonymity is what makes him Admin. In my opinion, Admin being anonymous is better, and at the end of the day, privacy is privacy.


We have nicknames too.

Assuming there is a link.

There’s correlation does not imply causation and then there’s there’s no correlation at all!

But yes, the aspect of this being a formal business and an online business makes it all the more senseless to reveal a face simply for satisfaction of a group of individuals or for a single person.

None (or very few) have revealed out faces here anyways, as it doesn’t really make sense as to why. We aren’t running a YouTube channel here, we are running a forum for those who need help with their website(s).


Okay okay I get it jeez… Y’all are just reiterating what the last person said and filling up my notifs.

I asked a horrible question and I should be sent to hell.

We aren’t reprimanding you for asking that question, we are simply answering your question and giving reasons as to why Admin should and should not do a face reveal.

Why is that a bad thing?

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There is. The older one is, the more time they have to make mistakes. And not to sound weird or anything, but a lot of people make these types of mistakes.

Using the dropdown at the bottom of this topic, you can disable notifications.


I’m sorry. You seem quite new to this. At first, getting replies feels like you’re special but overtime when your phone rings every millisecond because of people saying the exact same thing in different words kinda gets a little annoying when you expect someone to say something new. Then they go all “if you don’t like it you can just turn off notifs.”

What question? I never asked one. I was just throwing a blind stone for kicks. Then the government attacked me (metaphorically speaking).

So said so done.

Ah, that’s interesting…

I don’t understand why you find notifications annoying. Whatever it is that you find annoying about them, you can disable them at any time.

Anyway, do whatever makes you feel happy. Have a nice day/night!


Reading is very important. Here’s why:


I meant new to getting a lot of notifications, not new to the forum. My fault for not elaborating. The difference is that since here is formal (ironic due to this category’s title) here only posts relevant information or stuff calm and collected, like your replies for eg. (I assume).

I’m a rapper and live streamer with a fanbase. I’m more used to chat messages in other platforms and decided to recreate my website here instead for fans (not the whole world unless the entire world likes me, since it’s very unlikely). I’m used to getting quick messages with new information, rather than stuff in a forum like “I don’t like this pony” “I dislike this pony” “I do not favour this pony” “There are better ponies, this one isn’t in my preference” coming from every new replier, if you know what I mean.

Edit for a TLDR

I don’t hate notifications, I simply dislike every new reply being the exact same point as the last, rather than a new reason for having that point.

If you enjoy being a celebrity…

that’s what celebrities get everyday


I get a lot of notifications throughout the day, if they’re not important I’ll just ignore them.

If you don’t want this to keep going you could kindly ask Greenreader or KangJL to close the topic for you.

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I try to keep my private life private. This includes publishing pictures. Although I’ve had my fair share of slip-ups, oversights and bad judgements, as probably anyone does.

So I have no intent to publish any more personal details than I have to.


Apparently my main point about it is getting dodged. Everyone is focused on the fact that I get a lot of notification. that’s not the issue.

This issue isn’t with notifications. It’s with the fact that the same point and reason is being said in different ways, as if they were programmed to so so (not calling anyone bots, and also no disrespect).

I mean sure, I respect the idea that it’s rude to question who is behind that mask who can literally see all my files, code, even antivars and security system functions and I don’t even know his real name, like I know the CEO of Google (which is besides the point)

But for everyone to literally give the same opinion and reason one by one feels like I’m reading one person’s edit. It’s not the notif, it’s what’s in it. And it’s the same as the last.

And before someone goes, “if you don’t like it you can just leave,” I’d just like to point out that I’m a regular user with an opinion in an informal category. Nothing much.

And I respect that. It’s not compulsory, just a thought of motivation. I’m not here to push anyone, just interact and feel like I belong somewhere. Just don’t be afraid to say right away that you don’t want to. At the end of the day, it’s an opinion, not a command.

Hope the metaphors aren’t taken too seriously; rapper habit.

A small edit :

Don’t let yourself down like that. At the end of the day, no one who looks in the mirror thinks they look better than what they see on TV commercials, not even the models themselves.

Everyone has pro and a con and looks are judged by the brain, not by the eyes. Everyone has their own opinions.

As the query has been answered, and we are starting to attack each other, this topic is now closed to future discussion.