@admin, i can't upload my SSL certificate, seems no respond from hosting website.

i got SSL certificate on hand, when i upload the key, no respond from the free hosting website, nor the certificate uploading.the filling area was still blank. my website: www.kongfuduck.com

For starters, there are some issues with SSL certificates right now. I might be the issue is related.

That said, I’m not really sure what you’re seeing right now. You were able to upload the private key successfully? And you pasted the certificate, click Upload and then what? You were redirected back to the certificate page without any notification and the certificate box still empty?

i am not able to upload private key successfully. After pasted the certificate, it reminded me that ’ I can not find a key for this domain, please ensure you have uploaded a key before the certificate !'.(ps.: Before upload the certificate, upload the private key, no notification from the website( remains empty)

Try to just upload the certificate if it comes from Let’s Encrypt. Or first, generate your PK and then use it for your SSL Vendor and then upload your certificate from the SSL Vendor.

I successfully loaded my SSL Certificate by this steps using Let’s Encrypt.

I used CloudFlare instead. thanks

Great. :slight_smile: