Addon Domain is showing No such directory exist

Hi, i have a free domain, and have uploaded the website in htdocs, however it is not working it is showing no directory exist.

I also have another domain for a new demo however this is also not working, thus i cannot check the site and finalize the same.
Please help me.

Hello @selfbasak.

Did you upload your website under root directory > htdocs? If so then you uploaded your website files to directory that is root directory for your main domain, the domain that you choosed when you had to register on InfinityFree, or

In order to upload correctly your website files, in this case for domain you will have to find folder with name of your domain:, once you have located and opened that folder locate htdocs folder and upload the files there.

Have a nice day,


It is in the correct path addon_domain_folder>htdocs, My webpage is in php and it is working perfectly in localhost, so no error in code, I have the domain name: , ,
This two addresses are not opening, these are addon domain,
The main web address is working,
I need addon domains to work,

However even if there is any error in coding it should give error, not “No such directory exists”.

Please help me,

Thank in advance.

Hello managed to solve the issue.