Addon Domain Error


When I try to add my domain using “AddOn Domains” , I get the following error:
"This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485). "

anyone know why this is happening as it is my main domain that I am adding to it ?


Well, it’s happening because the domain name is registered somewhere on our system. That could be with us or with a partner host. Which host and account that is exactly I can only tell if you if I know the domain name.

Domain Name:

The domain name is attached to another account with us, which was suspended for hosting hacking scripts. A reactivation request was submitted for it, but it was rejected.

The account will be deleted after a few months, after which the domain name can be reused. Just don’t use it for “pen testing” (i.e. hacking) scripts again. We still don’t allow those.

is it possible for me to get the domain back anytime soon, as a friend uploaded it to the server accidently. It was not suppose to be on this server. My company has been at a stand still because of my inactive domain.