Adding wasm MIME type

Website URL

Error Message

HTTP Response Header “Content-Type” configured incorrectly on the server for file Build/ckbuild.wasm , should be “application/wasm”. Startup time performance will suffer (Among many more errors relating to wasm MIME type)

Other Information

I am trying to run my unity webGL build on my website, however, when I add it in, I get loads of errors all relating to using wasm MIME type. I tried addding, “AddType application/wasm .wasm” to the.htacceses overide file, but to no avail.

I checked the request in my browsers network log, and it says the chkbuild.wasm URL redirects to the /error.html page on your site. Taking a quick look at the files in the file manager, it doesn’t appear that the .wasm file exists on your account at all, so the error is most likely caused by a 404 Not Found error. And no amount of .htaccess coding is going to help you load a file that doesn’t exist.

Please try uploading the missing files. If that doesn’t work, please note this article as well:

Especially be sure to take note of the file size limit: files larger than 10 MB are automatically deleted.


Thank you so much! Yeah, your totally right, my wasm file was 30 megabytes so it was automatically deleted. This saved me so much time than the already 2 hours I spent with GPT 4 and bard trying to fix this issue.

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