adding the secure to http

I think that you should add https to the http because people going there will be expected to secure their connection. Is is possible?

Hello @scheng123.

We do have possibility to add your own SSL certificate which will allow users to use secure connection of your site.

We do not automatically add encryption to our user websites as it could interfere with their plans of what they want to do with their sites. And it would also take alot of time and resources to do so.

That’s why users can install their own SSL certificates…

And I think that you misunderstood how encryption and SSL certificates work. Usually hosting users do not automatically get SSL certificates installed on their websites as they have freedom of choice. However WordPress offers SSL certificates to users who host their WordPress blogs on their official platform.

I hope that I was able to sort our your issue. If you have any more questions do not be afraid to ask for support here!


Mike covered about 99% in his post but I would like to add one thing:

Encryption is enabled for all websites by default. Really, just try adding https:// before your domain and you’ll be able to see your site through an encrypted connection!

However, it should be noted that the default certificate is a so-called “self signed” certificate, which means it’s not recognized by browsers. To get a recognized certificate, you could buy it or get a free certificate using a service like StartSSL.