Adding SSL to the SubDomain i created using CPanel

I recently created a subdomain from Infinity Free Cpanel and installed wordpress into it.
How do i install a SSL for the subdomain ?
The subdomain is :
And the main domain is :
As you may see, i have a working SSL for the main domain but there is none in the subdomain.

Since you hv a custom domain, the easiest way is to add ur domain to

For a subdomain you have to get an another SSL.
IF doesn’t give wildcard ssls


Can you please elaborate ? i am fairly new to the topic. Thanks.

To get SSL for your subdomain, you can go to the Free SSL Certificates, select the Custom Domain option and enter your subdomain in that field. Then you’ll have to go through the usual routine to verify your domain name and request the certificate. You can then install that certificate on your subdomain in the control panel.

Please do note that the CNAME records proposed in the client area cannot be set directly on your domain name. The client area may tell you to create a CNAME record with the name _acme-challenge on the domain This should be a record with the name _acme-challenge.ecom on the domain So basically you append the subdomain to the record name.


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Show me ur CloudFlare dns entry

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