Adding my own domain

Basically I want to use my own domain for my site but also wanted to use the nameservers of my current registrar. So I have changed my nameservers to InfinityFree and added the domain through the “addon Domains” button in the client area.

On ftp I how have my main Domain htdocs folder and a new folder on the same level with a htdocs inside and added my files here so my new domain works fine.

But can I now change my nameservers back to my original registrar?

This article says I can use A records to show my domain

Do I just need to change the nameservers back to my old registrar

Get the IP of my domain using Dig (DNS lookup)

then use that IP to change the A records?

Any help would be appreciated,


Yes, you can change the nameservers back without any risk that your website will be deleted if you remove our nameservers.

Yes, you do. But what do you mean by “my domain”? Your Main Domain, or your domain?

I meant my new domain I added but do I just use my main Domain?

You need to use your Main Domain, to get the IP of it and use it to create an A record.

ah ok.

will that matter if ive added my site files to or do I just need to add my site files to the main htdocs folder for my main domain?

If you added a domain through the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, you need to upload the files on yourdomain/htdocs, instead of using the default htdocs folder.

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