Adding MX records

I have been advised to add these details to the above in order to receive emails sent to terry


I have gone to ‘add MX’ in control panel and tried adding these but I am still unable to receive mail to sent to me at

Please can you advise?

Did you purchase email hosting there?

No I haven’t. Previously, I was with 000webhost and was able to receive emails directed to without creating any particular settings.

Yeah, then it’ll not work. But don’t worry! @anon77371365 has a post about it. Linking it here [OBSOLETE] Need a free custom email account? Try!

And the reason you were able to get email hosting there is because they offer email forwarding. We don’t offer that here.

Thanks…I’m approaching 80 and my brain can’t cope with that! Perhaps I can alter settings on my iPhone to allow for mail sent to terrybraverman,co,uk to reach me? I also have a hotmail,com email account that works without problem.

Would you like me to do it for you?

Your domain name is using our nameservers and the MX records are looking fine from here.

So if your emails don’t go through, then please contact your email provider for help. Everything you can setup on our end seems to be setup correctly.


He said he didnt pay for the email hosting. I think that’s why

Thank you for that reassurance.
It’s really perplexing.

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