Adding more pages

need help
how can i add more pages

from example.test to example.test/test page

If you have a static website (so you didn’t develop it with WordPress or other CMSs), you will have to upload the page files you want to upload to the htdocs folder, and include them on the menus of your pages (depending on the template you’re using, the procedure may be different). If you developed your website with WordPress, then you will have to log into your WordPress admin panel, available at http://yourdomain/wp-admin/, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain, with the credentials you used while setting up WordPress, then click on “Pages” and then on “Add New” to add a page. After that, if you want to add it on the menu, use the Customize tool to open the menu you created and add that page on it, then publish the changes.


what menus

It really depends on what you used to build your website in the first place. Did you use some kind of website building or website management software?


no just a html file


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