Adding CANVA Web editor site to my hosted account

In the getting started area it says:

Finding a Web Editor

There are many, many web editor program available free, open source and commercial included and you can use any one of them with your free hosting account…

So I went to Canva, and designed a landing page. Which is the only thing I want hosted. Though now I have no idea how to actually add it to my Infinity account, or if it’s possible with Canva.

Please help! Also if this is not possible, can you direct me to another route to creating a beautiful. SImple- landing page. Thank you.

I don’t think you can use Canva to make a website…

Install something WordPress via the Softaculous Installer (Located on the vPanel)
You can use Wordpress to make a website with ease.

Ok, I figured out how to add it to HTML Code. On the Tryit Editor. How do I get that code from that editor to be connected to my domain. Please bare with me, I am not savvy at all.

The easiest way would be to copy the HTML code, make a file on your website and put the ode in that.

Thank you. I think I just solved my problem. I can just redirect to the site I already have using the free hosted domain. Learning through taking the long way to simple solutions!

Yes, they have really simple flashy website templates.

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