Adding an existing domain name to account

I had created an account here, example ***** and was given a domain *****

To use my existing domain name *****.com, I went to Control Panel - Domains - Addon Domains.
I saw that ***** is there.

Then I changed the nameservers at my domain host to:

At Addon Domains - Create an Addon Domain - New Domain Name, I entered *****.com and got an error message “already assigned and in use” so I couldn’t add my existing domain name *****.com to point to *****

How do I use my existing domain name?
Kindly advise. Thank you.

Hello there,

Are you sure you haven’t added your domain name on this platform before? Or is this actually your first time adding that domain here?

Also just to make sure, did you use another web hosting before and what was the name of that hosting?

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This is my first time using this host. ***** is just any name for discussion’s sake.

I created my account name with the domain name I wanted and so ***** was created for me from the start.

I was guessing *****.com couldn’t be added because ***** was already created right from the beginning before I could add my existing domain *****.com to be used here.

So how do I proceed if I want to use *****.com that is my existing domain name hosted on GoDaddy. This is just one of the hosts I used for the domain *****.com to point to. I have used other hosts before and now I want to use this host but I couldn’t add my preferred domain name because I’m using the preferred name as my account name here?

Pleas advise.

Of course I know.

Then your domain name is also probably registered in the Addon domains. ***** is nothing but just a domain used to generate your account and you can just ignore it as it doesn’t affect how your sitw works.

When you create a hosting account by choosing the custom domain option:

then the domain you choosed should automatically be added in the Addon domains and if it’s not there then add it and since you get that error you mentioned before it’s because you have already added that domain to your hosting account when choosing the custom domain option.

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The hosting account was already created so I have ***** created for me. What’s left for me to do was to change the nameservers at the domain name host, right?

I just want to add *****.com so this domain name can use the files on this host.

After I changed the nameservers at the domain host to:
it still doesn’t use the files on this host.

So I tried Addon domains and it doesn’t allow me to add *****.com due to the said error.

What else do I need to do after changing the nameservers at my domain name host?

If you’ve just recently set your nameservers then it will take up to 24-48 hours until those nameservers will fully propagate worldwide.

As what the error suggest it’s because you have already added the domain name before. What option did you used? You used the custom domain option right? And in the custom domain field you added your domain? If so then your domain is already registered on the servers and would not allow you to re-add the domain again on the Addon domains.

Since I could not check whether your domain has already been registered on the system then so only Admin can verify it.

Wait for your DNS records to propagate.

Thank you for your support. Guess there’s nothing else we can do for now.

You could share your domain name so we can check for you where the domain is hosted. The error message states quite clearly that the domain name is already in use, and you say you don’t know where. We can check that for you.


An email from GoDaddy said the DNS nameserver change was a success for

However, I still see old html pages that shouldn’t be hosted anywhere.

The new html pages are hosted here but is not displayed with the domain name. It appears perfectly on thwlapps.epizy.c** but not on thwlapps.c** even after the domain nameserver change success.

All the pages on thwlapps.epizy.c** should be shown when thwlapps.c** is entered as browser url.

Please advise. Thank you.

Hello there,

Your site seems to be perfect working fine:

Have you already tried clearing your browser cache? Try using Incognito mode as well.

This is the old index page. The new index page is shown on thwlapps.epizy.c** and should be the same as thwlapps.c** but it is now different.

Please advise.

The old index page is shown now when you accessed the domain name with nameservers ns1.epizy.c** and ns2.epizy.**

The problem is where the old index page should not be seen by anyone and the updated new index page hosted here should be shown.

Worse is that you are looking at the old index page with outdated info and think the site is working fine - my greatest fear! Lol

Then could you provide us a screenshot or your updated html file so we can have a comparison to verify whether what I’m seeing is the updated one.

Just visit thwlapps.epizy.c** to see the updated page.

The goal is to have both thwlapps.epizy.c** and thwlapps.c** showing the same page since the nameservers had been updated.

I don’t really know what’s causing this issue, but they should be in a seperate directories which you probably already know since you have added that old HTML page of yours to your main domain.

But maybe you could try creating a CNAME record that points to your subdomain so that everything you make changes on your subdomain should reflect in your main domain.

If I could locate the old files that the domain name is reading from, it wouldn’t be much of an issue as I would just replace the old files.

The problem is finding out where the old files are located in this host when I couldn’t find them anywhere in my account here.

The solution could be as simple as toggling a switch by Admin? Or even deleting my account here and create again? I just want a confirmation that I can still use thwlapps as my account name.

Please advise, Admin.

The domain is currently not assigned to any InfinityFree account. It’s currently assigned to a different account with a different provider on our platform.

If you want both your free subdomain and your custom domain to always show the same content, then the easiest way to do so is by setting your domain as a Parked Domain.

To do that, you will need to remove the domain from your old provider, login to your control panel with us, and add your domain name through the Parked Domains section and assign it to the subdomain.

You are of course free to host the domain name with another hosting provider. But if you do that, then you’re responsible for making sure you always upload every file and every change to both domains on both accounts on both providers.


What is the name of the old provider on your platform? Thanks, Admin!

Pro tip for anyone reading this, you can actually check the host of a domain yourself using any DNS lookup tool like so:

In this, you can see the responsible nameserver is, which means your domain name is assigned to an account at


I have removed the domain from your old provider and added thwlapps.c** through the Parked Domains section and assign it to the thwlapps.epizy.c**.

Domain | Parked Onto
thwlapps.c** | thwlapps.epizy.c**

Now we get 404 error when thwlapps.c** is accessed and thwlapps.epizy.c** is working fine.

Kindly advise. Thanks Admin!