Adding a new domain and removing the previous one

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I wanted to change my domain name for my account, so I added a new domain and remove the previous one. It says it will take up to 72 hours, Do we need to do any more changes?
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Can we have a little more context? What kind of domain are you changing to? A sub-domain from infinity free or a domain like from a domain register? If it is a subdomain, you should not have to do anything else unless I am mistaken.

What says what will take 72 hours?

The general process to add a domain is described here. There are various steps which may involve some waiting:

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Sorry to mention it late but it is a domain from registrar,

I added and remove domains multiple times at addon domains area, now the domain does not load when internet in browser, I also tried replacing it with my another domain, but the issue is not with domain name. I don’t know how to get all this solved. All my work is trapped over there.

The domain name seems to work fine from here. I see a Directory Listing page, which means the domain is setup and all you need to do is upload your website files.

Please note that most domain and DNS related changes can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. If you’ve just added a domain and it doesn’t work yet, then just have some patience and wait for it to come online. Because the more you tinker with your domain settings, the longer it will take for your site to work everywhere.


Does that mean all the website content and files that was initially present before replacing domain, got deleted? Is there any way to recover those wordpress pages?


No, once a file is deleted, or an account is deleted, there is no way to recover the files. Next time, make sure to regularly backup your site to prevent this in the future. If you create a new account with this domain, you will have to start from scratch unless you have files saved on your computer that can be uploaded.

Edit: little tiny errors that I did not catch in the beginning.

The pages are probably not gone, just in the wrong location. Most likely, your WordPress files are in the htdocs folder, but your new domain is linked to the folder

You’ll need to move the files from the old folder to the new one. Given that the domain has changed, you’ll need to update that one as well. This article from the WordPress documentation may help:

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Thank you for your assurance.

I have reseted the domain to the initial one. so I don’t think I need to update anything. Could you please explain what you asked to update? I didn’t get you.

I’m sorry, that sentence was not clear.

What I was trying to say was to update the Website URL setting of your site. Right now, it will probably still try to force redirect you to your old subdomain. The article I linked to explains how to do this.


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