Added MyBB to server, would like to remove wordpress

**My website URL is:**New MyBB Forum site
Old wordpress forum site I want to remove from server

**What I’m seeing is:**New MyBB site works fine, old site is not coming up from it’s URL since installing MyBB on the server, that’s not a problem, that’s the site I want to delete from the server

**I’m using this software:**MyBB 1.8.22, WordPress 5.3.2

Additional information:

I've installed MyBB on the server and want to delete my other WordPress site without affecting the MyBB forum.

To install MyBB I created a new folder ‘Forums’ in the htdocs folder using FileZilla to connect to the server. I downloaded MyBB zip, extracted all files, copied the contents of the upload and documentation folders and uploaded those to the newly created Forums folder. Then brought up a new tab and typed in my domain/forums/install, this opened the MyBB install page.

Everything seems to be working with the MyBB forum site. I would like to remove the WordPress site which doesn’t work anymore from the server and php without affecting anything on the MyBB forum site. I don’t want to start deleting WordPress folders or the php database and take down my new MyBB.

Thank you for any responses :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since there have been no response(s) about how to remove WordPress from the server without affecting the MyBB forum site I just started trying things.

1st. I copied the contents of the three WP folders in the htdocs folder, wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes to a folder I created on my computer.
2nd.Used the Online File Manager w/cpanel, renamed those three folders to wp-admin.old, wp-content.old, wp-includes.old.

The old site no longer comes up with The new MyBB site does come up using, so I guess I’ve answered my own question, as far as I know renaming the folders to .old would be the same as deleting them.


Hi @Steve2854

I’m sorry you waited for an answer
looks like we’re all busy today :grimacing:

Assuming you used Softaculous when installing WP

Softaculous - if you want to uninstall:

On the toolbar (up right) the box icon is located (the mouse above that icon will write “all installations”)
click it
and then How to remove a installation

but it’s definitely a good idea to backup before every major action


You could also install myBB through Softaculous
it’s in the control panel> software section

and then if you want to install (forum) in subdirectory rather than on root
you need to edit the in Directory field

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I understand being too busy, I’ve been there myself too many times, thank you for responding and the valuable information about using softaculous. I see both installations the (old) and the (new) I will delete the old wp install.

Can you please tell me how to use the ‘mention’ function here? @Steve2854, I have used it in other forums but can’t seem to make it work here.

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you deleted some files but the DB from WP remained intact and probably also .htaccess
for real cleaning you should go through it all…
that is why it is easier if you do everything via Softaculous because then it also takes care of uninstallation

just use @ + ( and you start to write the person’s name - autocompletion)

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I did go through the back door to install MyBB, I would have rather done it using softaculous but I wanted to install it before deleting the other wp bbpress install because I wasn’t sure what would happen. When I’m all done I would like to have MyBB on the main domain of rather than a .com/forum/ for the URL.

Softaculous would have been better, I do want a clean database, and so far I haven’t deleted anything, just renamed to wp-xxxx.old to see if the new site would remain I’ll remove the old and use softaculous to delete the installation.

I also have backups of the MyBB install, I have a few users and have set it up over the last couple days, could I use softaculous to install MyBB, then use a backup to restore it to what I have now, then remove the MyBB that I manually installed using softaculous to delete it?

Thank you very much @Oxy

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for the basics of working in the forum you can
send PM to discobot
and give him the command from the picture
and then follow his instructions


I can’t say anything for sure because I’ve never done that

but anything can be done if there is sufficient knowledge and caution :slight_smile:

I guess there is a different PATH / NAMES, etc. on the backup (your old) than the one you want to use( the new one), so probably some manual adjustments need to be made.

in any case it would be good to have a DB’s backup from phpMyAdmin

also Softaculous can do backup and restore (but I think it’s only for what’s installed through it)
is accessed here


if I were you

I would first install myBB with Softaculous in some subdir ( I would name it “test” )
so in that way you don’t touch your live version,
and then tried to give this test version a DB backup
and see how it behaves

means… to make a hidden test version somewhere where you can experiment and learn at the same time

then apply it to the real one

and then delete the test version

P.S. open your eyes well so you don’t uninstall “the real one”

Possible useful links in certain circumstances


This is for @Oxy, I’ve used softaculous to install a new MyBB and remove/delete the version I had incorrectly installed. Also deleted all WordPress folders using softaculous.

Thank you very, very much @Oxy for your information and guidance, my new MyBB site is set up and working fine, the server database is cleaned up :joy:


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