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epiz_26611127.My website url is Error stating that he required CNAME record could not be found. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect. This has been for nearly 24 hours.

Screen Shot the dns records so that we can see.

You can’t use our SSL certificates tool with subdomains of free hosting platform. You must use your own TLD domain, or trust another web service to generate a SSL certificate.


oops, I am sorry I forgot that!

You don’t own and you are trying to get certificate for it. Then how will it work?
Also, as stated by others you can’t get certificate for subdomain for infinityfree.

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I haven’t published the website & this site is verified by Google console. If iam going wrong please guide.

I am talking about your domain name ( It is not registered and is available for registration. You have to purchase it and attach it with your free hosting account in order to use it.

Also, is a subdomain of infinity free and you can’t get SSL for it. You need to have a domain name (TLD) to get a free SSL certificate like example.tld.



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