Add SSL Certificate


My website is
I have my SSL certificate which I have from 1&1 Ionos.

However, when I add the Certificate in SSL/TLS config. I did not receive any notification which indicated my success.

I have waited for about 10 minutes, restart my computer to be certain that it is not my browser cache. I tried again a few times with no success at all.

Could you please kindly support me with this?



I see a green lock on your website now. Does it work for you too?

If you check the SSL page again and the SSL certificate you uploaded is still in the box, that means the SSL certificate was accepted.

However, note that some browsers, notably Google Chrome, can cache SSL certificates for up to multiple domains. Clearing browser data, restarting browsers, restart computers and restarting network devices does no clear this cache. But you can check your website in Private Browsing mode to circumvent this cache.

Hi Admin,

Thank you so much for your response.

I can see the lock appear now on my browser now. I think it took as long as 1 - 4 hour for the certificate start appear. I have tried private mode on my Chrome but it did not work.

It is all good for now.



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