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So, I made a hosting account with infinityFree and I have made a subdomain called “” and I would like to convert that to a place I can use for my shortlinks. But I cannot add the record for “” for JUST because there’s nothing I can add to make it adjust to how I need it. I recall doing it once but that was in the old website and it was a long time ago. Any answers?


I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do. Can you provide the name of the service you wish to use the domain with, and what step you are getting stuck on in the connection process?


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Hello, I am using the website short[dot]io. You can visit it by going to “” online.

I am getting stuck at the point where you have to add a CNAME record for “tgp24link.000[dot]pe” so here are the steps I followed:

Log into my short[dot]io account.
Add domain: tgp24link.000[dot]pe
And now it’s asking to add a CNAME record for “tgp24link.000[dot]pe” which points to “

*I added [dot] because I can only post 2 links.

I’m sorry, but with free subdomains, you can’t add the CNAME record thing. Or to add the CNAME record, you need to link it with something like


We provide free subdomains to be used with our hosting only. We do not provide free subdomain for general use or use on third party services.

It’s technically possible to point a subdomain of your free subdomain to the URL shortening service, but please keep in mind the following:

  • We check accounts for inactivity based on website traffic. If no web traffic is coming in on our end (because the domain is pointing elsewhere), we consider the account to be inactive and it may be taken down and deleted, along with any domains on it.
  • URL shorteners are frowned upon on our hosting. If we find you’re using our free subdomains for URL shorteners, we may take action against it, even though the URL shortener itself is not hosted with us. We don’t want our subdomains to be used for malicious links.

All in all, I strongly recommend to use a service that’s actually intended for this. I think FreeDNS could work pretty well for what you are looking for.


now that you mention that, I recall doing that way. thank you for your help.


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okay thank you. now that I know.

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