[Add Feature] Lighttpd server

@Admin Can you add a feature in which we could change our server type but only with Lighttpd server. It is because it runs faster than Apache, and it consumes very low resources and power.

It is best with some websites that has little files instead of running these little files on a big power-hungry Apache. It is best to some people who only like static pages and only html, css, js and images. Then, you need to make an algorithm which automatically determines if this account is using too power or less. If less, then it will be served in lighttpd server. It would make the cost low.

Im only suggesting. What do you think @Admin and @moderators?

I like this idea but only if even iFastNet would like to add this since as far as what I’m aware InfinityFree does not have control with the backend of iFastNet’s servers. I’m not even sure whether iFastNet would even make such a hassle algorithm for the benifit of free users.

Also Free Hosting Servers are hybrid and using both Apache and Nginx.


It’d have lots of pain, trouble, security issues and etc to change the system of servers.

and I don’t see any problem with Apache, why should we change our system to Lighttpd?


Im not saying we would change the system but just to add. However, I guess you are right in problems we will going to face if we adapt it. It will be a long journey hehehe. By the way, thanks.

Thanks for info.

I’m confident that iFastNet’s server administrators are capable of building a web server environment with optimal performance and security.

iFastNet chose a layered NGINX+Apache stack for free hosting. I’m sure they are aware of Lighttpd, and that there are good reasons as to why they’ve chosen to not use it.

And maintaining multiple server stacks so users can choose what they suspect might be best sounds like a waste of effort.

Also, please take any artificial benchmarks with a grain of salt. It’s easy to show a performance difference between multiple web servers if you’re testing them in isolation. But a real world hosting environment with thousands of websites, all running PHP scripts and MySQL queries, any performance benefit of specific web server software is usually quite small.


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