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How i can add adsense or any ads on my website

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You’ll have to sign up to the ad provider you’re going to use, then add your domain there (though with AdSense you’ll have better luck with a custom domain instead).


But when I type the domain it tells me that " The URL must contain a valid top-level domain. Did you mean to enter: " How can I solve that

That’s why I said “you’ll have better luck with a custom domain instead”, as AdSense doesn’t support subdomains but only supports TLDs, and our subdomains are still subdomains. And now another question you might have asked to us: where do you get a free domain? There I list where to get one that is also supported by AdSense:


If you click on Accounts > Softaculous and scroll down on you’ll see a category called “Ad Management”. They have two software packages available:

  • Revive Adserver
  • Yclas

These apps allow you to run your own ad server on your site. But, you have to do all the work manually (create your images, upload ad data, embed the code, etc.).

Why would they want to run their own ad server? The OP is asking for help on how to use an ad service to gain revenue on their site, not how to run one.


Why would they want to run their own ad server?

To make more money? ¯/_(ツ)_/¯

Google makes a lot of money off adsense and they give you a small cut. I guess it depends on the type of site you are running. If you had a local blog and were selling ads to local businesses you could make some money.

It’s 2/3rds for the publisher and 1/3rd for Google. At least, that’s what they say, it’s a black box so no way to know for certain.

But I do believe that most of the money goes to the publisher, not Google. But Google has a near monopoly on online ads, so they get a MASSIVE amount of traffic from basically every site that has ads. So even a small (ish) cut of a ton of revenue translates to a lot of profit for Google.

Running an ad server yourself is a possibility, but then you yourself are responsible for contracting demand partners or advertisers and integrating everything. I wouldn’t go through that effort myself if you just want to make money without too much fuss, but you do you.


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