Adblocker warning

One of the rules of InfinityFree is that you turn your adblocker off. I’ve just found that mine had switched itself back on, perhaps due to an update or one of the browser. I have no idea how long it had been switched on for as I just assumed it would stay off once set that way. To avoid inadvertently breaking the rule, I will carefully check what it’s up to from now on.


We don’t enforce the anti ad block rule at this time, so no need to worry about anything!


It would still be bad manners to break the rule. The ads deserve to be seen as they support our sites.

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It’s not a rule, I believe. InfinityFree uses ad sense, which only rewards IF if you click on the ads. If you don’t click on the ads, it is basically the same as if you turned on your ad blocker.

AdSense pays both per click and per impression. They are quite unique in that nowadays, given that most ad platforms only work with impressions.

So if you care about supporting us, please do disable your ad blocker, even if you don’t interact with the ads.


Good to know, never knew that