Ad page on site

Hi, I recently created a new domain to install a forum in phpbb3 and I made the transfer of files from the installation to the htdocs via FTP, however at the time of the installation (would be the site is redirected to a random ad page see link Welcome to! (???). It’s already the third time since this happens, I’ve tried two other times to install my forum and I could not! I have another forum installed and works perfectly, but the new ones are giving me a headache :frowning:

I used the translator to send this message

Since you said you recently created a new domain, I think this is the reason:

Whatever you do, do not delete and recreate the account or domain, as doing so means it will only take longer for your domain to become active for you.

Thanks, Admin.

If the problem does not resolve in 72 hours I will contact you again.

(At the time of the message the site came back and I am doing the installation of my forum, I am grateful).