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I am trying to verify my site through propeller ads for Ads Integration.

I have uploaded the files to “” but Propeller Ads is failing to verify my site.
I have a wordpress site. So, I also tried putting the tag in the “Header” but no use.

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Overall, I need my site to display ads. I already have a working site with ad integration on blogger, so, I am doing the steps properly. If anyone can guide me how to go through, I’ll be obliged !

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Propeller Ads is failing to verify your site probably because of this:


Google AdSense should work with InfinityFree. You can use them if you wish to show ads on your site.

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When we start the site verification on any publisher site, it asks for site verification, right !?
I am not able to get my site verified. Placing ads is a separate thing.

Yes, you do need to verify your site, usually, this means placing a TXT, MX, or other record on the site, or eaven uploading a file.

How does it want you to verify your site? By file upload? Sometimes the caching protocol of that site doesn’t clear, so it does not see the new upload right away (You may have to wait 72 hours before they recognize you made added the file). Adding DNS records (Like TXT, MX, ect.) is always better, so if you have that option, use it.

Also, depending on HOW the site tries to find these things, the IF server may block the request (See the article that @alexvf posted above). Some of the sites I have tried to verify with do not get blocked, while others do. It all depends how they initiate their request, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

@Greenreader9 You said that google adsense should work, but infinityfree says that anything that has to do with bots (including google adsense verification bots) aren’t allowed on infinityfree sites. Verifying for google adsense requires putting an html tag on your site.

Yes, but Google’s spiders are not blocked.

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