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I found a lot of other topics regarding “Privacy Policy” and GDPR.

Is there a example “Privacy Policy text” with what I have to add at least to my website hosted on infinityfree?

If I got the other topics right, the Privacy Policy shown to me, is addressed to me as customer of infinityfree, not to the visitors of my website.

By my self I know what data I’m collecting on my website so that I can clarify this in the “Privacy Policy” of my website, but what are the parts infinityfree is collecting and I have to clarify about in my own “Privacy Policy” ?

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Hello, you might be interested in:


We can’t tell you what needs to be in your privacy policy. We don’t know what data you collect and what you use this for. We don’t know you, where in the world you are, and what regulation applies to you. We also don’t know this for your visitors.

If you need something to get started, there are plenty of privacy policy examples, templates and generators you can find online that will help you provide the required information, which you can fill in as needed for your site.

InfinityFree is a hosting provider, not a legal firm.


The privacy policy @SpookyKipper mentioned applies to users (you),
but what happens on your website is your responsibility.
InfinityFree does not track your website users or their email addresses, etc.

The only thing that has a direct connection between hosting and your website visitors is related to __test cookies that are saved on the visitor device when someone visits your website and that serves for this purpose:

So you can clarify that after checking whether the visitor can store cookies and run javascript,
this “__test” cookie is stored and is stored so that the server no longer checks a specific visitor/device after confirming that it is a regular browser.

But you don’t even have to state that because these are first-party cookies and are responsible for the direct functioning of your website.

First-party cookies, on the other hand, are often strictly necessary cookies that do not require user consent. All cookie laws, including GDPR and CCPA, allow essential first-party cookies to be exempt from collecting user consent before performing their actions. However, certain cookie laws do require that the website still informs the user of the use and purpose of the essential cookies.


@Admin for sure only me knows what’s on my site and what my requirements are :wink:
@Oxy thanks for the statement with the Cookie, this was helpfull.

But last question:
to both of you(@Admin and @Oxy) and all the other with knowledge.
I have to tell the visitor what happens with his Data (IPs, accesstime, Browser,…)
If I understood it right infinitifree or ifastweb as hosting provider stores these information of my visitor?
So where do I get the information about what is stored and how long?

We don’t. Because of the insane amount of storage space that would be needed to store this information, we only store the total amount of visitors, not individual information.


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