Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

Mine is sometimes up and sometimes down

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My site is back up…


Me too, or no :slight_smile:

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Hi my website is and it redirects to

Kindly rectify team.

all domains on is redirected to Special offer and Discount Coupon (

Again same issue. Again Down. Team kindly rectify.

Wp-admin not working

Hi, my websites are down as well. For some reason the previously published website cannot be accessed [shows "can’t reach this page’ in Edge], while the website I just created and was editing suddenly redirects wordpress admin (wpadmin) page to as well. Just happened a few minutes ago on my side. Hope it’ll be fixed soon, will be looking for updates on this page. Thanks.

My domain site :
@Admin tomorrow need to presentation my homework already…hope stabilizing when present my homework…

My site - is down for no reason
@Admin please solve this issue as soon as possible.

STILL wont work plz fix

my website is still redirecting to suspended domain, here is my website I get redirected to Special offer and Discount Coupon

Noice problem. I check both on my main ( and my backup ( both doesn’t have problems :smiley:

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I checked most sites posted here since my last post, and all of them are working now. Apparently it took a little longer for all sites to be brought up again, but it seems OK now.


I just checked your website right now and it works fine for me.


The rest of my site is working fine.

But this subdomain still redirects to