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Arkadaslar Javascript ile butona tiklaninca cookie oluşması için kod yazıyorum. Localhostda calisiyor . Ftp ile siteye eklediğimde duzgun calismiyor. Bu neden ola bilir?

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First of all this is an International English Forum meaning you should talk in English or at least try to or use a translator.

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I write code to create a cookie when friends click on the button with Javascript. Works on localhost. When I add it to ftp site, it doesn’t work properly. Why can this happen?

So what’s your domain? So we could check it on our end.
Also do you see an error when clicking on the button or it does just do nothing?


Make sure that you add the javascript, css & the html file into your ftp/online file manager. And must your browser enabled/supported the javascript.

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