Accounts stuck in Pending Creation / Processing state

There appears to be an ongoing issue with account creations and reactivations.

Since December 7 around 11:00 UTC, it seems that no new account requests have been processed. All accounts created since then have been stuck in a Pending Creation state.

Since December 7 around 16:30 UTC, it also appears that account reactivations are no longer being processed. These accounts are stuck in Processing right now.

I’m aware of the issue and have brought it to the attention of iFastNet. As soon as I know more, I’ll add it to this message.

As always, please don’t create additional topics about this. We’re working on this as fast as we can, asking the same question over and over again will not help anyone.

EDIT: The underlying issue was fixed and accounts are being created and reactivated now. Please note that it can still take a few hours for all accounts to be processed.

EDIT 2: It seems the issue wasn’t fixed correctly. Since December 8th 16:30, no new accounts have been created. iFastNet has been notified.

EDIT Dec 9: The situation has been corrected and all accounts have been processed again.


Thank you for letting me know about this!

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Even I am struck , will you activate my account once the issue is cleared?

Yes, all accounts that are stuck in processing or pending states have been processed automatically when the issue was resolved.

When can I expect resolution for this Issue? let me know. ( pointed to

Thank you

It’s already fixed. If you still experience any problems, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe what you’re seeing there.

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Welcome to the community by the way

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