Accounts all suspended, can’t create support ticket to get it back

**My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
The website was suspended just now. So I went onto my accounts page, opened the control panel and it said

Account Suspended Your account is suspended this could be due to reaching limits of your hosting plan or for abuse. Make a support ticket to Find Out More

So then I clicked, Create A Support Ticket and it just brought me back to

Whats going on?

Can Someone help e please it’s urgent

It’s most likely a bug so try clearing your cache and doing it again. If it still doesn’t work then you have to wait for the admin.


If your account is suspended, then check your account in the client area to see what you can do.

In your case, you can easily see that your account was suspended for hitting the daily CPU limit and it will be reactivated automatically.

The control panel says this too. But the ticket functionality in the control panel is disabled, and you cannot submit a ticket for a daily limit suspension in the first place.


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