Please, I have questions:

I want to change the domain of my website because is not allowed to publish on Facebook and others. Its blocked. How do I unlock?

  1. If I buy a domain or create one on Freenom, how do I use it on Infinity?

  2. The cpanel does not load and just runs the load.

Please help me. If there is no way or they will not answer me, I will have to migrate to another hosting.


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Maybe ask Facebook about that? They blocked the domain, they should know how to unblock it. We can’t control the blocklist of another company.

Facebook hates free subdomains. I don’t know why and I don’t know know what we can do about this. We’ve tried to contact them many times but never got any response whatsoever.

This is an extremely common action. We’ve described the way to do it here:

I checked the control panel just now and while the login is a bit slower than usual, it works quite normal after that.

Where does the loading get stuck? Can you share a screenshot of what you see? How long have you waited?


Do you know why?

More like so much traffic and visitors.


Thanks for the answers. Yes. The subdomain is blocked by Face so I’m testing with with freenom but I don’t know if I’m configuring it correctly. And Cpanel is not loading. He delay. I like Infinity Free and I have my blog with you. Thanks for the help.

Freenom has 5 lines to add nameservers while you have two. How do I set up Freenom for this? I only put the two who indicated me: epizy?

Cpanel is not loading. How I configure nameservers?

Make sure only and are set as nameservers.
Delete the rest of entries.


Just enter and Not all five fields are mandatory. Or at least, they should be, because most DNS providers don’t use five nameserver entries.

Through Freenom, not through your control panel.

How long has it been loading? And do you have any ad or tracking blocker or other browser plugin which may be manipulating the content of the control panel?


Hmm. Right. I don’t know what’s going on. Is not working. I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I went there and put these and has 5 lines. I am doing tests with your hosting and it is very good but I have some doubts. Can you help me? My blog is here but Facebook blocked this subdomain so I want to test it with and put ssl.

What about Freenom say to CHANGE YOUR DNS TO

I need to do this? Where do I do that? In your cpanel? But he doesn’t carry and just loading. I am from Brazil.


It’s right?

Yes, this is the correct dns setting


Right. But is not working I have to wait 24 h?

I have to do something in cpanel to work?

You will need to add the domain to your hosting account in order for it to work.


You just have to wait(up to 72 hrs).
Once ready, you can add domain to hosting account.

For more info, read below…

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No, that is a complete other service


Right. I need to do this? Where do I do that? In your cpanel? But he doesn’t carry and just reads. I’m from Brazil.

You only add in your own custom domain once nameservers are set and propagated.
Instruction are below.