Account useless after creation

After created epiz_23449819, i tried to login via ftp/web file managers, but all fails.
Then failed login even in control panel ))) lucky starts im thoughts. what happened?

ok i searching for remove that epiz_23449819 account, but it cant be done ))) okay, need to remove domain… but where ) no links provided with text. After some searching here, in community forum, most similar problems 2-3 years old , realized that to delete my account(one of 3, not main account) can not be done! but how about write lil info/help text in client area?

and most interesting of all with epiz_23449819, what i do wrong or on site(mb im so bad/crime guy) so after creation account, setting name for domain **** - im blocked from CP and still unable to start work with site?

muahahaa,. request to “change password” in CP makes it ! pass in cp and client area stores flat ))) and resends from userpanel and CP ))))) lol who implement that system… doh…

anyway, i continue fighting and laughing with your system. hopes my nerves are strong.

Good god no, storing passwords in plain text is something you should never do. That’s why we store hosting account passwords with AES-256 encryption.

And if you’re wondering “why don’t we hash it?”, that’s because being able to decrypt the password is necessary to make things like file managers and control panel logins possible. And if you’re worried about the password being too exposed anyways, keep in mind that the password is probably in plain text in your website files if you’re using a database connection.

Please note that passwords are synchronized from the client area to the hosting system, not the other way around. So if you change your password outside the client area, you may find it will randomly revert to the password in the client area, breaking your website (because now the database credentials are incorrect).

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