Account Temporarily Suspended

okay so, i tried uploading a file uploader ( and my domain got suspended yesterday… so i waited and waited till today and i tried removing it today but i was too late and it got suspended AGAIN so please admins, remove it since i can’t.

Have you contacted ifastnet staff before? Did they said it is due the upload.html?

You can contact them to do it for you if it is :slight_smile:


i know its upload.html 100 % since thats what got my domain suspended 2 times now
i just know its that file.

No, Even if that be. Contact ifastnet staff from client area to see the actual reason.


i just want them to remove upload.html anyway.

On which account did this happen? I checked your hosting accounts, and none of them appear to have been suspended.

Also, did the email and control panel say “Temporarily Suspended”? Because temporary suspensions are caused by resource limits, not malicious uploads.

Please remember that we only allow up to three hosting accounts per person. You are not allowed to create multiple client area profiles to create more than three accounts. Doing so risks getting all of them terminated.

If you want to host more than three websites, know that you can host multiple websites on a single account by using Addon Domains. And if, for some reason, you really need more than three accounts, it’s probably a good idea to consider a Reseller Hosting account at iFastNet, where you can create many accounts at a low price per account.


its on my other account with the site called ‘‘’’ and yes its temporarily suspended that happends beacuse of the upload.html and when i tried to delete it i was too late and got suspended again so can you guys remove it please?

The Admin just said that temporary suspensions aren’t caused by uploaded files. When a suspicious file that’s uploaded does cause a suspension, it does not say temporarily, and you have to open a support ticket to get it reactivated. Unlike temporary suspensions (like the one you say you’ve gotten) where the account is reactivated automatically after time, and is caused by overuse of resources (like CPU and RAM)


Can you please share the username of that account? Because I can’t find any reference to any site for in your account.


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