Account temporarily suspended (again)

In seven days, three site suspensions for “ep overuse”. The installed plugin is Jetpack and the heartbeat that was indicated. Quit.

Please change the category to “Hosting Support”.
Also, did you read the docs: What is an Entry Process and what does the limit mean
It seems like there have been EP limit problems as well as IO limit problems.


Yes, I’ve read it. My question is if the problem may be connected with the jetpack plugin, it was after installing that this started…

Then I would blame it on Jetpack. Tomorrow when the suspension is lifted, try removing it and see if you get suspended again.

EDIT: Please change the category to “Hosting Support,” as this is what this topic is about.

Dom’t use that plugin. It dose t work well here, it uses a lot of data and power, and does almost nothing that can’t be done with more efficient plugins.

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You should use alternative like for CDN (aws cloudfront etc.), for caching & performance (Wp- optimize etc.), security (wordfence or ithemes security etc.), image optimisation (imagify robin optimise etc.)

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