Account susspended

it shows that the entry process limit exceeded and my account was susspended.
The graph clearly shows that entry process rose because users trying to refresh page when the servers were down.

So… what is your question exactly?

Yes, users refreshing the page a lot consumes more entry processes.

Users were refreshing because the page was throwing errors (as it was not able to connect to database). so it shouldnt really be suspended.

Please see the pinned topic for the cause.

I disagree. The users were still using server power by refreshing, even though the error was not your fault. If you want fewer restrictions, I recommend upgrading to premium hosting.


Well I disagree. Its unjust to suspend domains when the host was unable to process them. FYI, can’t risk business processes by relying upon a host with such rules. Upgraded Already.

It’s free hosting, man!

If it was paid hosting, then maybe you had at least some right to be mad, but this is free hosting.

Don’t expect free things to be good quality!


I can see how it’s frustrating if your hosting provider takes down your website for behavior that was in part caused by a problem at the hosting provider.

That said, a system outage doesn’t automatically disable all usage counters. Because even though people refreshing the page is perfectly understandable, it still generates additional server load, which is not an infinite resource.

I can see how it can be considered unfair, but I can’t verify whether this suspension is actually a result of the outage or whether it’s a coincidence, and I really don’t want to have to review many accounts by hand to see whether the 24h suspension was really justified or not.

You can just wait it out. If it was really caused by the outage, this should only happen once and never again.

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