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Now I understand that this is a free account, but I wonder how high my processes were when I only have a wordpress site with maximum 2 users per day with maximum 10 pages per user?!
Your advertising is 100% false. You are saying:" Free Unlimited Web Hosting". What does it even mean for you? Unlimited?

What do you think people are using the hosting for? Just to store files?

Unlimited means unlimited bandwidth and space not cpu,ram,etc.

If you have a lot of plugins installed as well as PHPs running, these limits can be exceeded easily…


Pls refer to this What is an Entry Process and what does the limit mean - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


Thank you for your reply.
I did read that article before posting, but it’s not helping.
How can I see how many processes do I use? If I can’t see that, than how can I manage the number of processes.

I only use 6 plugins in wordpress. I would use much more, but the CPU resources are very limited.

What I am saying is you should provide a way to monitor this limits (the graphs even for CPU) are very very hard to use and also to tune the limits to at least incorporate the minimum usage for wordpress and other popular frameworks.

It’s obvious that the limits are way too low if I hit them with only 2 visitors per day. Just saying.

Well what do you expect in free hosting?
(Webalizer and awstats?)

This is not how you convince me to upgrade to a payed plan. I did use in the past other free hosting at the beginning and AFTER I start earning something using my site, after, I always upgraded to a payed plan.

What I should be paying for is uptime and support and of course, after I reach at least 5-10k users per day.

To be honest here,
I am not convincing/advertising,
I am not using free hosting.(I am using a paid plan from other companyNot revealing it here)


You know which hosting service I am using.

I use the top paid plan in that hosting company


one more point in this unlimited hosting: downloading files over FTP is also restricted to a few kbs (between 2 and maybe 100kbs on larger files).

I understand the reasoning behind.

Transferring the site to a different host surely is more painful. It took me 5 hours to transfer 400mb through a gigabit connection (i could upload a speed test here but it’s not worth the time)

That’s because FTP is not one big file which you’re transferring as a continuous stream. A website is composed of many small files. And for every file, your FTP client needs to connect to the server, ask to transfer the file, get the responses back, open the data connection, transfer the file and negotiate the receipt. Raw upload/download speed above a bare minimum is largely irrelevant for FTP. Latency is a much bigger factor.

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